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#1 Best SEO Expert in Bangladesh

Faisal Mustafa

Head of Ideas, SEOVISER

Faisal Mustafa is one of the most reputed and #1 best SEO experts and consultants in Bangladesh. He has helped thousands of businesses to grow online. His motto is empowering digital presence.  He is providing digital marketing services for more than ten (10) years now.

Faisal Mustafa - Best SEO Expert in Bangladesh

Professional Skills

” Skill can be either an asset or a liability.”

Skills are natural talents and the expertise you develop to perform a task. Life skills help to deal with all areas of life while professional skills allow performing specific work duties. Best SEO expert must have skills they need for improving their career in this industry. Here are the skills of Faisal Mustafa which have built his successful career in SEO industry.

Digital Marketing
Search Engine Optimization

SEO is Fun!!!

Faisal Mustafa is an experienced best SEO expert in Bangladesh with more than 10 years of experience in the digital marketing industry.


“Making it easy to reach customers to you.”

During his long career in the SEO industry, Faisal Mustafa has both intuitive and learned skills. He loves to face new challenges as well as to gather knowledge through learning and sharing with others. Some of his skillsets are as follows:




Faisal Mustafa is a forefront SEO expert in Bangladesh who has been relentlessly working in the SEO industry. His passion for SEO and dedication to work brings him so far. However, he had not stopped there. Instead, he has been creating new opportunities for people, especially young generations.

Two of his initiatives, VISER X LIMITED and SEOVISER, have engaged many young professionals to work here. As a result, SEO enthusiasts or persons who want to learn about search engine optimization are getting opportunities to grow as well as take it as a career.





Faimust Software started its glorious journey back in 2014. Faisal Mustafa, CEO of Faimust Software, started this digital marketing agency to explore the world of digital marketing and web development. Faisal Mustafa received tremendous success in no time, and Faimust Software began to grow at lightning speed.

With the determination to become a profound digital marketing agency, Faimust Software served its clients with great integrity and persistence. Faimust Software became recognized worldwide through its consistency in work, and its fame reached a new height.





Faisal Mustafa also loves to volunteer the knowledge. He regularly writes blogs to help people understand better the problems face in daily life regarding SEO. He also conducts different webinar sessions, live shows, and talk shows to share ideas.

Furthermore, he regularly writes on different social media like Facebook, Linkedin, Quora, etc., to help people, business minds as well as to educate newbies. Read his latest blogs here:

Community Leadership

Community Leader

Community Leader at Fiverr

At the very beginning of his career, Faisal Mustafa worked in the most popular online marketplaces such as Fiverr, Upwork, etc. He found that many people find it difficult to get orders or get paid even after completing the task from his working experience.

Therefore, he is running a group called Fiverr Bangladesh to help freelancers with their difficulties. The group has more than 150k members now who are regularly sharing their thoughts. Hence, as a community leader at Fiverr, Faisal Mustafa is a well-known face.

Head of Expert

SEO Expert

Head Of Ideas, SEOVISER

During his long and glorious career, Faisal Mustafa has completed a lot of projects for clients worldwide and is continuing. His expertise brings him popularity and reputation. That is why he is uttered as one of the best SEO experts in Bangladesh.

At present, his company, VISER X LIMITED, is offering a 360 degree SEO solution for any business globally. As of now, Faisal Mustafa has served more than 500 companies worldwide with different niches under his supervision and guidance.


SEO Trainer​

SEO Trainer

Online Trainer, VISER X LEARNING

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a very sophisticated process and needs time to master. Nevertheless, a good trainer can make the process simple yet exciting. This is where Faisal Mustafa is working on training young professionals of Bangladesh to make SEO easier than ever.

One of his initiatives, VISER X LEARNING, aims to train people and create capable SEO professionals to meet future needs. Hence, he is creating a difference through his learning program as an experienced SEO expert in Bangladesh.



Last but not least, Faisal Mustafa also provides consultancy for small to big industries to flourish their business online. He regularly joins both national and international conferences to sit with world-class SEO experts to hone his skills.

Furthermore, he actively organizes different seminars or sessions as a part of his corporate responsibility to help people as well as businesses in this sector. He is expert in onpage SEO, offpage SEO, Link building, inbound marketing etc. Overall, he is a man of ideas with talent, dedication, and a quest for knowledge behind the revolution of the SEO industry in Bangladesh.

Tale of the Best SEO Expert in Bangladesh

 “Work to become, not to acquire.”

The quotes from Elbert Hubbard inspired Faisal Mustafa at the time of his graduation. As a graduate student of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology in Civil Engineering, he wanted to do something he would love to, rather than he bound to. This is where he sailed his boat to SEO.

Early Life and Education

Born in Dhaka, Faisal Mustafa is the youngest among his siblings. However, he passed his childhood in Dhaka, Beijing (China), Chittagong, Khulna due to the job posting of his father. He was intelligent and meritorious from the very childhood and had a great fascination with exploring new things.
He pursued a BSc Engineering Degree in Civil Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), the best Engineering University in Bangladesh. From his academic life, he was involved with digital platforms and workplaces with utmost interest.
He, however, obtained Executive MBA degree from North South University to enhance his skill as an entrepreneur. Faisal Mustafa never stopped learning new things both in his academic life as well as his professional career, till now.

Freelancing Career

While his other friends were preparing for 9-to-5 jobs, he started to think out of the box. Later, he comes to the idea of doing freelancing jobs to enjoy the freedom of work. However, the journey was never easy for him as his family members were cherished to grab a traditional job in his sector.

From childhood, he was intelligent and creative. His interest and enthusiasm lead him to find work online. Thereafter, he started his career as a freelance worker in Upwork (formerly Odesk).  He, along with other freelance workers, worked together on different projects from clients worldwide.

Established Faimust Software

However, later, he started to find more works, which was merely impossible to complete the task single-hand. So he comes with the idea of opening an office by hiring employees for him: his first company, Faimust Software (abbreviated from Faisal Mustafa), in 2010 with a small room.

Due to quality work and on-time delivery, the company grabbed the attention of foreign clients. As a result, the number of clients increased at a higher speed from all over the world. Consequently, he had to increase the number of employees to handle the workload.

His integrity and hard work propelled the company as one of the best SEO agencies in Bangladesh. During this period, he had featured in many national newspapers and channels for his contribution. Hence, he became a role model among the Bangladeshi freelances.



In 2019, Faisal Mustafa reached another milestone reforming FAIMUST SOFTWARE as VISER X LIMITED. Thus, he expands his services, decreasing the dependency on third-party companies. Some of the services are web design, content creation, digital marketing, Search engine optimization, etc.

He also initiated the idea to avail those services for both local and international clients. So he offered his services as packages of various price segments. The reason behind this is, many companies in Bangladesh tend to take help from foreign companies at a higher price. Yet, they did not find enough customer support from them.

In this connection, Faisal Mustafa planned to minimize the cost by offering several packages for them. As a result, the companies are being benefited from a flexible service package at an affordable price. Now, VISER X LIMITED works with more than 500 companies in Bangladesh like Nagad, Tedfo, Notionhive, Pmaspire, etc.

However, in 2020 VISER X LIMITED has become a member of BASIS as one of the best SEO Agencies in Bangladesh under Faisal Mustafa’s prudence. At present, more than 50 in-house and freelance employees are working in his company to ensure promising service. It becomes a full-fledged digital marketing agency where customers find their needs.

Founded SEOVISER; Sister Concern of VISER X LIMITED

Faisal Mustafa feels the urgency to provide extra support and speedy delivery to companies abroad. For this reason, he has registered SEOVISER in 2019, a UK Based SEO service provider company. As a sister concern of VISER X LIMITED, it successfully builds rapport with customers for its excellent service.

At present, SEOVISER has reached the milestone to complete more than 2000 projects in its bag and continuing. Faisal Mustafa dreams of seeing it as the world’s best SEO agency with all the viable options.

Contributions to Digital Marketing Industry in Bangladesh

Faisal Mustafa Giving Lecture As a Guest Speaker At BITPA Conference 2017

Faisal Mustafa Speaking at BASIS SOFT TEXPO 2019 as a Panelist

Faisal Mustafa Giving Lecture As a Guest Speaker At BITPA Conference 2018

Faisal Mustafa Giving Lecture As a Guest Speaker At FIVERR Bangladesh Meet Up

Faisal Mustafa Giving Lecture As a Guest Speaker At Digital Marketing Online Business Conference 2018

Gallery 1

Faisal Mustafa At Chiang Mai SEO Conference with Matt Diggity and Barry Adams


“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without struggle and confidence.”

Faisal Mustafa is Receiving Certificate At Nabin Uddokta Sharok 2019 on Behalf of VISER X LIMITED

Faisal Mustafa is Receiving Certificate At Nabin Uddokta Sharok 2019 on Behalf of VISER X LIMITED

Faisal Mustafa is Receiving Certificate At Nabin Uddokta Sharok 2019 on Behalf of VISER X LIMITED

Faisal Mustafa is Receiving Certificate At Nabin Uddokta Sharok 2019 on Behalf of VISER X LIMITED

Faisal Mustafa Recieved an Award as Guest Speaker from Instructory At Shikhbe Shobai Program in 2019

Faisal Mustafa Received an Award as Guest Speaker from Instructory At Shikhbe Shobai Program in 2019

Faisal Mustafa Received Award as Speaker in 2019 from UNLIMITCON at Digital Marketing Online Business Conference

Faisal Mustafa Received Award as Speaker in 2019 from UNLIMITCON at Digital Marketing Online Business Conference

Faisal Mustafa Received Award as Special Guest from TECH ADDA WITH UY LAB

Faisal Mustafa Received Award as Special Guest from TECH ADDA WITH UY LAB

Faisal Mustafa Receiving an Award as a Guest Speaker At BITPA Conference 2018

Faisal Mustafa Receiving an Award as a Guest Speaker At BITPA Conference 2018

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Areas of Expertise

As an SEO Expert, Faisal Mustafa has a proven record of working in almost every digital marketing area. With a full-fledged experienced team, he offers the following services to his customers and clients. This is what makes him the best SEO expert in Bangladesh

Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

PPC Ad Management


Branding & Communications

Inbound icon

Inbound Marketing

Reputation Management

Core SEO Expertise

As the best SEO Professional, Faisal Mustafa has a proven record of working in almost every area of SEO. With a full-fledged experienced team, he offers the following services to his customers and clients.

Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

PPC Ad Management


Here are the most frequent questions answered that he was asked for.

Believe it or not!! I never wanted to be the best. All that I wanted to ensure the best possible service to provide my customers. However, I believe with dedication, hard work, and honesty, anyone can be the best in this industry, even if you too.

How!! Let me explain….

Everything is very transparent in this digital arena. People can now assess anyone most quickly ever, within a click, I prefer to say as an SEO guy. So if you are doing something good, people might appreciate you and vice versa.

Again, SEO is a piece of cake these days, as you can learn anything online (Of course, it’s a blessing of SEO, too!!). So you will find the best strategy out there to implement in your professional life. That’s all, I have come to this place. It is definitely easy to become the best, but hard to be the best of the best.

Implicitly nothing, but the result after doing SEO on a website. It’s fun to see yourself in the first position on Google. However, to be honest, it was not very easy at the beginning, especially in Bangladesh. Again, as an Engineering graduate, it was not very pleasant to come into this profession, while your family and friends will criticize you.

Well!! I am not demotivating you. Things have changed now, and I can show you thousands of reasons to become an SEO professional.

I always have a fascination to explore new things, so do I love traveling the most. However, I was searching for something smarter while everyone was rushing for traditional jobs. And, I came to know about SEO from one of my university seniors.

Gradually, I found it interesting the more I dive deep into this. Furthermore, SEO is all about results, so you do not need to worry more about your Boss if you have done it properly. Hence, I became an SEO professional and so on.

The generic answer to this question is the knowledge of SEO. Confused!! Right, as you already know it. For me, to become an SEO expert, you have to possess some other characteristics besides your SEO expertise.

Firstly, one should always be updated with the latest changes made by Google. As SEO is all about playing with the Google algorithm, there is no thumb rule for this. The strategy you are following now might not work tomorrow. Therefore, you have to be always in the queue to be an SEO expert.

Easy, isn’t it?

Again, you should know that SEO needs the patience to perform as there are many chores to fix. So, hardworking is a must here. You have to keep the promise to your customers and clients with a satisfactory result. As there is no shortcut to win the race, you must have to be dedicated to your work for the best outcome.

Definitely, AI can do a lot now. Say, Google crawler evaluates the websites to give rank to the search engine. It also tries to find the relevancy of the content for any website. However, to reach a website at this level, it should be crawler-friendly.

According to Blogspot, Every day, almost 5.8 billion users search in Google. Furthermore, thousands of new websites are forming every minute. So if there is no SEO, it will become difficult to detect a website by the robot. So, SEO exists till the websites become crawler-friendly, at least.

Nonetheless, there are approximately 4 billion SEO rankers who are helping Google improve its ranking factor. So, Google might have to end-up hiring that many SEO professionals of different languages to program the robot itself. Surely a disaster, Google will not want.

SEO is has become a vital thing to cope-up with this digital world. Companies are going to be online, and so websites become a must needed thing. To stand out among thousands of websites, SEO is inevitable.

The scenario in Bangladesh is no different. More and more online businesses are forming that needs SEO experts to scale up their business. So, undoubtedly, this sector is booming right now.

Experts are assuming that soon companies will need dedicated SEO experts, which is assumed to create 10 lacs job opportunity in Bangladesh. Therefore, it is high time to be an SEO expert.

Certainly, yes. According to CNBC’s report, Digital markers (presumably SEO experts) is one of the 10 most demanding jobs in the world right now. So, you can easily guess what does it mean.

More precisely, SEO experts nowadays have the scope to earn more than other traditional jobs. Most noteworthy, you do not need many things to do it, except a chair table and laptop.

I, as well as my company VISER X LIMITED, offer an all-out SEO solution for any business. Some of the core services we provide are as follows:


To know more about the services, you can visit or simply write us at

Yes, I am happy to share that my company, VISER X LIMITED, has become one of the best digital marketing agencies In Bangladesh. We are providing affordable SEO services for any business ranging from small to big.

We also have a sister concern named SEOVISER, which is providing SEO services, especially abroad. If you have any idea or business plan, you can share it with us.

You can also reach us at  or write us at

Till today, it’s been more than 10+ years I am working in this sector. I have started my journey in early 2009. After working a year, in 2010, I fully concentrate on the SEO industry and become an SEO enthusiast.

There is a misconception among people that learning SEO takes only a few months. It is a harsh reality that, many institutions offer courses for SEO titled “Learn SEO in a week,” “Learn SEO in a month,” etc.

I would rather say, SEO is not about learning. It’s more of a matter of practicing. So the more you practice it, the better you will get it. Obviously, learning SEO will help you to interact with the process better and will make your work smoother. However, you have to remember that results will not come overnight.

So it is better to practice SEO as soon as you have learned it. Hopefully, your experience will yield something better as the saying, “Practice makes a man perfect.” If you want to be the best SEO Expert, you must be keeping yourself updated regularly according to the respective industry.

Faisal Mustafa
Plot 60, Road 20, Sector 11, Uttara
P.O. Box: 1230