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Best Ecommerce PPC Ad Management Service: Achieve More Revenue from Paid Ads by Investing Less

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Drive Traffic, Get More Orders, and Generate Sales with eCommerce PPC Ad Management

PPC or Pay per click is a marketing method where the adversaries pay an amount of money to the ad publisher each time the ad is clicked. And e-Commerce PPC management is an ongoing process of managing and supervising an e-Commerce company’s PPC strategies and expenditure of the ad campaign.

For the speedy growth of digital marketing, most small to medium businesses or SMBs are investing in PPC advertising. Your company requires a defined and working strategy, especially when it comes to the area of e-Commerce.

Having a smart e-Commerce PPC management with successful strategies can be a bit challenging. You will need time, resources, and experts.

If you are short on these resources, do not worry because VISER X is a digital marketing company offering a 360 solution. We can be your new team and help you generate more revenue with our successful eCommerce PPC management service.

We have years of experience in providing PPC management services to various companies worldwide. Our highly experienced experts are capable of executing a successful ad campaign with maximum efficiency.

The proficient service offered by our company VISER X made us highly reputed worldwide. We not only help to sell products of our clients but also help them to grow their company.

If you are looking for an efficient and effective PPC management service provider, then contact us ONLINE.

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    Efren Higgs
    Efren Higgs


    Specter Records

    “We hired VISER X about a year and a half ago to manage PPC Campaigns for our website and help with organic lead generation. Our website is great, and we get hundreds of leads every month from it. The staff and expertise that work at this company are by far the best in the business. We have grown very quickly because of them, and we couldn’t be happier.”

    We Have Over 100 Client Testimonials

    Effective PPC management revolves around various associated matters:

    We start with identifying and targeting precise keywords and search queries entered and use them to lead the traffic. We consider channels like affiliate networks, Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and paid social media placements for PPC marketing.

    We also obverseeing search term reports precisely to determine which keywords and search queries are mostly utilized, to concentrate their buys on the numerous popular searches. By overseeing the overall ROI, we utilize that as a guideline to direct the amount paid and range of ad buys.

    We know that observe and analyze competitors’ plans and strategies are essential. So, we filter out non-Convertable audience to optimize PPC ad spend. Finally, we do continually split testing, one of the most useful approaches for optimizing PPC ROI.

    To avail of our service, you can reach us here at or call to +88018-4208-8100.

    VISER X Ecommerce PPC Ad Management Service Packages


    BASIC ($125/MONTH)




    Monthly PPC Spend with Network





    Keywords in Campaign





    Google PPC Network





    Google Display Network





    Ad campaign copywriting





    One time setup fee





    Monthly Fee

    25% of Total Ad Cost

    20% of Total Ad Cost

    15% of Total Ad Cost

    12% of Total Ad Cost

    Bing Ad Network





    FAQ: eCommerce PPC Ad Management Service

    eCommerce PPC or PPC for eCommerce is an online advertising method and strategy that promotes products and online stores through PPC advertisement.

    These ads are published in

    • Search Engines
    • Social Media Networks
    • Websites

    PPC is beneficial for generating sales because it targets highly convertible customers or shoppers who are ready to buy.

    Here are the 6 easy steps for successful eCommerce PPC management.

    Select your keywords. It is necessary to determine what the keywords you are going to target for your PPC advertisement are.

    Channel strategy: Google AdWords, Bing Ads, affiliate networks, and paid social media placements are the channels we consider for PPC marketing.

    Create your landing pages. Landing pages are vital for running successful PPC campaigns because they’re the pages that answer questions and solve problems.

    Competitive analysis: Observe and analyze competitors’ plans and strategies are essential.

    Write your content for the ad. The content in your ad has to be well written and attractive.

    Filter your audience. This will help optimize your budget as we will be filtering out your audience to publish the ad only to potential customers.

    PPC or Pay per click is a marketing method where the adversaries pay an amount of money to the ad publisher each time the ad is clicked. PPC process is the method or systematic way to create a  relevant and smart pay per click advertisement campaign by making it price-effective.

    Amazon PPC is an advertising method where advertisers pay a fee to Amazon when consumers click on their PPC ad. There are 3 formats of Amazon PPC, and they are:

    • Sponsored Products
    • Sponsored Brands
    • Product Display Ads (PDAs)

    eCommerce or electronic commerce is also known as Internet commerce, is a business model where companies, manufacturers, or stores sell products and services online. Potential customers visit these digital platforms such as online stores, product sellers in social media or eCommerce websites, and apps to purchase goods and services.

    PPC is beneficial for shorter budgets. It is a budget-friendly model of maximizing revenue. PPC can be helpful because of the way it targets potential buyers using precise keywords. As it targets such a market where consumers are highly prone to purchase goods and services provided by you, you can generate revenue fast with PPC.

    7 Online platforms To Learn PPC Like a Pro

    1. Com
    2. Google Adwords
    3. Udemy
    4. Unbounce
    5. Wordstream
    6. Bing Ads
    7. PPC Hero

    These are all websites from which you can do certified and non-certified short and long courses to learn PPC like a pro.

    10 step to set up Bing Shopping ads are

    Step 1: Get access to the Microsoft Merchant Center

    Step 2: Create and set your Store

    Step 3: Check URL using Bing Webmaster Tools

    Step 4: Make & Upload Your Product Catalog

    Step 5: Build Your Microsoft Shopping Campaign

    Step 6: Add target of products

    Step 7: Form an Ad Group

    Step 8: Include Product and Product Group Targets

    Step 9: Create an ad for a product with promotional content

    Step 10: Review the Settings you have

    Amazon has the recommended to bid a PPC budget which is 5 USD or maybe a bit more, but it also depends on other factors such as
    • Your product
    • Competitors
    • Keyword selection
    There are 4 types of eCommerce 3 of them are the primary type of eCommerce business and one additional type, and they are
    • B2C (Business-to-Consumer)
    • B2B (Business-to-Business)
    • C2B (Consumer-to-Business)
    • C2C (Consumer-to-Consumer)